• Professor
    • Diederik Roest
    • University of Groningen - The Netherlands
    • Physics


Diederik Roest did his undergraduate studies in Groningen and subsequently got his PhD cum laude under the supervision of Eric Bergshoeff. This thesis concentrated on the four-dimensional description of string theory configurations. In subsequent years his focus shifted more towards the cosmological implications of such scenarios, and general descriptions and properties of inflation, the primordial phase of the Universe. He has worked on these different aspects during postdoctoral phases in King's College London and in Barcelona. In 2008 he was awarded a 5-year VIDI fellowship, and in 2010 he was appointed as assistant professor in Groningen where he is now full professor. His research has been concentrated on theoretical aspects of cosmology, for instance the traces of inflation in the cosmic microwave background. In addition to his research, he holds in keen interest in outreach and science policy. He was appointed member of the Young Academy in 2015, and was the first chair of the Groningen Young Academy in 2016. He is currently rector of the Scholierenakademie.