• Dr.
    • Diederik Roest
    • University of Groningen - The Netherlands
    • Physics, Particles and Fields


I am a full professor at the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity. Starting my academic life with a PhD in string theory, my research has now focussed more on cosmology, and in a sense aims to use the Universe as a magnifying glass to study high-energy physics. In my group, we have constructed in particular models for the Big Bang that are compatible with the latest measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background, and have predicted signatures that are currently looked out for. On top of that, I am very committed to teaching and students. On top of other courses, I've tremendously enjoyed giving Quantum physics 1 over the last couple of years; I know many students liked the course but hated the exams :-D. Since this year, I have handed the course over and am now giving classical mechanics in the first year. Finally, I've been programme director for the BSc for the last couple of years, and as such we try to run the best programme possible. Thanks a lot to all students for your constructive feedback and efforts to further improve the curriculum; this is always highly appreciated, and I look forward to working together further in the future.