FMF Symposium

30 November 2017

Entering the


With the theme “Entering the Horizon” we aim to address the possibility of reaching the limits of our knowledge in the near future. Will we be able to push these limits back endlessly and continue to change the world with revolutionary discoveries, or will we soon face the horizon of our knowledge? In which scientific fields is such a limit already tangible, if it at all exists?

Nowadays scientists around the world are making groundbreaking discoveries constantly. Which discoveries/ revolutions are being made to push the limits of science? We wish to give our visitors a glimpse in the future of scientific research. Not only do we want to focus on possible limitations that will arise, but also on the creation of new opportunities to push back the frontier of knowledge.

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The best student symposium I've ever witnessed

prof. Philip Moriarty

One of the highlights of the year

Berend Mintjes